Monday, February 14, 2011

Cabin Amenities.

Full Kitchen
-Although, we don't want you to go crazy, you are welcome to condiments and such. Why buy a full sized bottle of ketchup for one bbq?

3 Full sized beds, 2 full sized futons, on smaller futon.
-There is an upstairs loft area with two rooms that are separated by an opening. In each room there is a full size bed, dresser, and large windows. In one of these rooms is a smaller futon as well as the bed. On the main floor there is one bedroom that contains a full sized bed and dresser. The living room holds 2 full sized futons and a lay-z-boy chair.

Dog Friendly
-Your TRAINED dog is welcome. Just check him/her for ticks after being outside everytime. They just soak'em up out there.

Air conditioning
-It may not get used much, but there is central air!!

-Yes, there is indoor plumbing and a full bath to go with it.

Washer and Dryer
-Finish your weekend without having to haul back a huge bag of smelly clothes!!

Charcoal BBQ
-Grill up some brats, a WI staple!

-This is a great place to eat a meal and watch for bears crossing the field in your view.

Storage area
-Large shed type building to house your bikes and gear. You could squeeze a car in their if needed as well.

-This holds the washer and dryer and is a great place to set up ski waxing areas.

-There is access to the Namekagen river 1/3 miles away. The canoe has life preservers and wheel attachments for you to transport it down.

-The channel selection is not great (6 at the most), but there is a library of tapes and DVD's for just about every one's tastes.

-There are sheets on the bed and towels upstairs. You are welcome to bring your own, but you are responsible for washing and putting back whatever you used.

-Rondeau's is the nearest "large" grocery store with adjacent hardware store. It is 3 mile away in downtown Cable. It does not have the greatest hours, especially in the winter, so take note.