Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall time

Now is one of the best times to spend a weekend "Up North". Incredible fall colors dominate the scenery, and cool crisp temps make the outdoors a fun place get active without so drenching yourself in sweat. The deck offers a great viewing area to look for local wildlife including the occasional black bear. The bears are amazing to see in the wild, but they can be hard to find as they typically run away scared at any signs of humans.

So, imagine the cool air and vivid autumn colors while you hike to one of the nearby falls, or take in another amazing mountain bike ride. Maybe enjoy the sun setting as you watch for bears out on the deck. Anyway you look at it, time spent "Up North" is a workout for your pleasure senses.


"The cabin was a perfect base for a great weekend away. The woodpecker even held off its work until we were awake."

"I've stayed at Charly's place and will give it a thumbs-up. I, personally, like to get away from bustle and BS when I head "up north" and Hayward seems to have a lot of people there most day, so I'd rather stay near Cable and head back to Hayward, if necessary. Charly's place is in a great location for riding out from the "cabin" and it's a fully functional house, so you have all the necessities to be comfortable. It's not a huge, fancy lodge or anything.. just a quiet, comfortable place about as close to Telemark as you can get without owning a Town home. "